Inside HOKIE SPORTS | Vol. 15 No. 1 | August 2022

26 Inside Hokie Sports Yes. Compensation for NIL use shall be commensurate with the market value. Additionally, SAs are not permitted to enter into an endorsement contract, or otherwise receive compensation, from any of the following categories or brands: • Casinos or gambling, including sports betting • Alcohol products • Adult entertainment • Cannabis, cannabinoids, cannabidiol, or other derivatives • Dangerous or controlled substances • Performance enhancing drugs or substances • Drug paraphernalia • Tobacco, electronic smoking products and devices •Weapons, including firearms and ammunition • Any substances not listed above that appear on the NCAA banned substances list. Q: Can VT’s marks, logos or other intellectual property be used in a proposed NIL-contract with a VT SA (e.g., SA filming endorsement ad while wearing VT hat or jersey)? No. Q: May a booster, fan or VT employee provide NIL compensation to a prospective student-athlete (“PSA”)? No. Generally, PSAs participate in competition governed by state athletics associations that have amateurism rules which prohibit a PSA from using his/her NIL for compensation. Q: May a contract for NIL compensation stipulate that an SA must compete for, or attend, VT (or any other NCAA member school)? No. This type of arrangement could impact a student-athlete’s eligibility. WHEN IN DOUBT, ASK! Continued from page 25 STAY WHERE THE HOKIES STAY 540.985.5900 PLAN YOUR FALL GETAWAY TO VIRGINIA’S BLUE RIDGE AND ENJOY A CULINARY DESINATION WITH THE PINE ROOM & 1882 LOBBY BAR