Inside HOKIE SPORTS | Vol. 15 No. 3 | December 2022

I grew up in an incredibly athletic family. You name the sport, and chances are I played it. As I got a little older, I focused on soccer and basketball. Soccer was actually my favorite sport, but I grew to be 6-foot-7, so naturally, basketball was a perfect fit for my size and skillset. Early on, I always considered basketball a fun hobby, but it was my family that really pushed me into believing it could be much more. Basketball could help pave the way for my future. But I never wanted to be defined by basketball. As a student-athlete at Virginia Tech today, I take great pride in being a student first and focusing on my education and the power that it has to set me up for success in life. I already have three college degrees. I’ve studied at three different colleges. While my college journey has been anything but linear, it’s empowered me to put my education at the forefront and use my platform as a Division I athlete to give back and impact the youth. IMPACTING Youth THE By Justyn Mutts The road from High Point to Blacksburg I started my college career playing basketball for High Point University. It’s a small campus with a tight-knit community, and it turned out to be the ideal place for me to evolve at the DI level. Obviously, it doesn’t have the notoriety of Virginia Tech and the ACC, but High Point was where I was able to see how my game stacked up to DI competition. 21 Continued on page 22