Inside HOKIE SPORTS | Vol. 15 No. 3 | December 2022

“We have Hokies who donate the ingredients, volunteers from throughout the university stir the stew during the early morning shifts, and we have faculty, students, coaches, police, and all kinds of people coming to take the stew. We even took a special delivery to Mrs. Sands. It’s love for the school—trying to pay back what they gave me and to thank the players and coaches for all they do.” Clary has flown the Virginia Tech flag up and down the East Coast, traveling with his trailer mounted stewpot. “It is a labor of love,” Clary says, carrying on the tradition to fundraise for elementary schools and organizations, to compete and showcase the tradition from Georgia to New York City to the Smithsonian, and even to share for food journalists on the British Broadcasting Corporation. To me, Earl embodies the loyal fandom that I aspire to. It’s the kindhearted, unshakeable, finer than a frog-hair split four ways type of back bone support the start-up women & men’s golf programs needed and that makes Virginia Tech Tech feel more like home. Whitney Herr–’17 is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who graduated with a combined bachelors/master’s degree from Virginia Tech in 2018. She plans to join the stew crew along with her husband and daughter on the Friday before the Spring Game in 2023. SOFTBALL Whitney Davis Showalter (WDS)–’10, softball representative on the Monogram Club Board, caught up with Marra Hvozdovic (MH)–’13 about her time at Virginia Tech in ’09–12 as an outfielder on the softball team. WDS: Tell us a little bit about your career at the ACC Office? MH: As the Director of Compliance at the ACC conference office, I provide NCAA rules interpretations and other support to the ACC membership. WDS: How did your interest in working in sports start? MH: It started by recognizing how college athletics impacted my own life—it gave me access to higher education and a natural setting to develop my leadership abilities. Since this discovery, my passion and career focus has been on encouraging today’s student-athletes to recognize their potential—including in the classroom, in athletic competitions, and in life. WDS: How do you think your time at Virginia Tech and being on the SAAC committee help further your career today? MH: While I was a student-athlete, I took the leading role when covering NCAA legislation at the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) meetings. It was my responsibility to accurately review the proposed legislation, collect the group’s feedback and represent the student-athletes of Virginia Tech in reporting our voice to the ACC and NCAA SAAC groups. By the end of the experience, I became extremely passionate about pursuing a career in athletic compliance. What is your fondest memory as a Hokie? Nothing comes close to the memories and relationships that I made with my college teammates. These relationships have transcended beyond our time in Blacksburg, and I’m so proud to watch them build careers and families. Being a Hokie runs in your family. What generation Hokie are you? I’m a 4th generation Hokie—my maternal great-grandfather, maternal grandfather, and both of my parents went to Virginia Tech. GO HOKIES! What is your best piece of advice for today’s Hokies? The college experience is a safe place to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone. Whether it’s signing up for a difficult course or teaming up with someone you don’t know for your next project—go for it! Marra and her supporting Family – L to R: Uncle Michael Hvozdovic Jr. (‘65-Football), Grandfather Michael Hvozdovic Sr., Marra, and Father John Hvozdovic. 1290 Roanoke Street , Christiansburg, VA 24073 • 540-382-7500 • Find us at G&H Appliance G&H bringing you the best sauce and rub vendors on the market! Get yours today!! I N S T O C K N O W ! !