Inside HOKIE SPORTS | Vol. 14 No. 4 | February 2022 3 Brooke and Cody Morton are passionate Hokie Club members from Bloomington, Md. They routinely make the four-hour trip to Blacksburg for home football games and the occasional basketball game. DONOR STATS Football Season Ticket Holder since: 2015 Hokie Club member since: 2017 Hokie Scholarship Fund Membership level: Bronze Q: Why do you all give to Virginia Tech Athletics? CM: I’ve been passionate about Virginia Tech for over 20 years now. I became a fan because of Michael Vick, and just stuck with it after that. Brooke kind of inherited her fandom through me. We give back to return the favor for the enjoyment we get out of watching all the games. The student-athletes give their all on the field, so the fans should give back too. Q: What do both of you guys do for work? BM: I’m a nurse and I’m also an educator. I teach in the nursing program at the Allegany College of Maryland. CM: And I’m a Senior Reimbursement Analyst, which is a fancy way of saying “I’m an accountant.” Q: Do you guys get to come down from Maryland to Blacksburg often? BM: We are usually there for every single home football game. CM: Oh yeah, every single home football game. We try to make a few trips for basketball as well if our schedule and the weather allows us to get down there. Q: What’s your favorite memory of Virginia Tech Football then? BM: I would have to say my first ever Tech Football game. It was Coach Beamer’s last home game in 2015 vs. UNC. CM: We got field passes from the Hokie Club for Enter Sandman for the season opener vs. Carolina in 2021. We got to be on the field when the team ran out, so that was quite the experience all around. Q: Have you had any cool interactions with any notable Hokies? BM: Oh definitely some with Frank Beamer. CM: We randomly ran into Coach Beamer. It was before the 2016 Miami game, and we were walking through a horde of people. Everybody and their brother was trying to get a picture with him, and luckily we did. Q: Are you guys still planning on making the trip down for the 2022 season? CM: Oh absolutely. We have three season tickets, and Brooke is actually pregnant and due in May. So we have tickets for all three of us. My dad is actually a WVU fan, so we’ll have to see who wins that third ticket, the baby or him. Q: What would you say to people who are interested in joining the Hokie Club? CM: It has helped us live out some really cool experiences, and you can develop some really cool relationships out of it. Virginia Tech’s whole motto is Ut Prosim, “That I May Serve,” and that’s the ultimate way to do that. To give back and benefit a ton of people. DONOR SPOTLIGHT