Inside HOKIE SPORTS | Vol. 14 No. 4 | February 2022 7 “I promised myself and others that I trust in this profession that I wouldn’t be hasty (in assembling a staff). That was the advice given to me and that I wanted to do and I was able to stick to my guns and make sure that we hire the right people that are going to mentor this football team and represent us in this community and in this state, represent Virginia Tech and represent Brent Pry. I’m super excited about the guys were able to get to join. “It was important in this process to find coaches that will fit Virginia Tech. It’s really important to me that the men and women we hire identify with Tech and what’s so special about it, the same reason that I was hired. So that was important to me. I think they complement one another. They make us better. The right blend of experience, philosophy, trust in their character and commitment to this program. We’ve got some old hats, we’ve got some young hats. I think the young guys we’ve hired are highly intelligent with a strong football IQ and a really high ceiling. Then there’s some great experience to couple with that, guys that can kind of play off one another in the recruiting process, that was always factored in, ability to recruit the right kind of guys. I want guys that are going to go out there and say you know what, this guy’s right for Virginia Tech and right for us. It was important to hire guys that were familiar with our footprint: the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, East Tennessee, obviously the state of Virginia, the DMV. I do believe that a strong recruiter is a strong recruiter, but relationships help. When you already have those relationships and you’re walking into a school, it goes a long way. So that was factored in, as well. Continued on page 8