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November 5, 2009


By: Matt Kovatch

Jayme and Jill Gergen

Jayme Gergen (right) is in her fifth season as Virginia Tech’s assistant volleyball coach. Jill Gergen (left) is in her senior season and is the Hokies’ starting libero. Which one knows her sister better? We asked them each a few questions to find out.

(Note: A = What Jayme said; B = What Jill said; C = What Jayme thought Jill would say; D = What Jill thought Jayme would say)

1. The thing that annoyed me most about my sister growing up was …

A: Jill could whistle and I couldn’t.

B: Jayme was always faster than me, but she has longer legs!

C: When I wouldn’t let Jill in on what I was doing. She always wanted to do everything I did.

D: I gave Jayme zero privacy. I wanted to BE her. I followed her everywhere and tried to do everything she did.

2. The biggest fight we ever had was about …

A: Who broke our brother’s alligator toy.

B: Who got to flip the pancakes at Grandma’s house.

C: Whether or not I purposely hit Jill in the face playing dodgeball.

D: When Jayme hit me so hard in the face in dodgeball even though I was already out.

3. Mom and Dad’s favorite was …

A: Jill is their favorite 22-year-old daughter.

B: Our brother Jake is clearly the favorite!

C: I am their favorite 26-year-old daugher.

D: Jayme would say they didn’t have any favorites.

4. My hidden talent is …

A: I can spread my middle finger and index finger really far apart.

B: I’m good at walking on my hands, jumping on pogo sticks and walking on stilts.

C: Jill is a pretty good singer.

D: Jayme is good at inner-tube water polo. Her long arms and fingers are conducive to paddling.

5. If I could trade places with my sister for one day, I would …

A: Play in one more college match.

B: Utilize that Faculty/Staff parking pass like it was my job!

C: Jill would want to hit in the front row for the Hokies.

D: Jayme would skip all of my math classes and play volleyball all day.

6. My favorite way to kill time on the road is to …

A: Watch a movie … I mean, break down film.

B: Listen to my ipod.

C: Jill will listen to music or take a nap.

D: Jayme really likes talking to the bus driver.

7. My guilty pleasure is …

A: Spending the day in bed watching movies … I mean, breaking down film.

B: Desserts and candies and romantic comedy movies.

C: Jill will make a batch of cookies just to eat the dough.

D: Jayme likes taking bubble baths, watching movies and eating oatmeal cookie dough.

8. If I wasn’t coaching/playing volleyball, I’d be …

A: Playing volleyball.

B: At the Empo working on homework.

C: Jill would be doing some form of math problem.

D: Calculating match problems.

9. My biggest pet peeve is …

A: The words “I can’t” or “I’m trying.”

B: I used to have a problem hugging people – I was uncomfortable being so close.

C: Jill doesn’t like people being in her personal space.

D: Jayme hates when people lie or don’t try their hardest.

10. In five years, I will be …

A: 31. I’ll keep you posted.

B: Teaching and coaching at a high school.

C: Jill will be igniting a high schooler’s passion for math and coaching a championship volleyball team.

D: Jayme will be coaching to win a Division-I national championship.