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April 7, 2011

Supporting Virgina Tech Athletics Since 1949

By: Brian Thornburg

Military Appreciation Day

Associate Head Softball Coach Al Brauns - a former Marine and Vietnam War veteran - threw out the first pitch on “Military Appreciation Day” at Tech Softball Park prior to the Hokies’ March 29 game against UNC Greensboro.

The Student-Athlete Experience

“Being a Hokie has been a blessing. The experiences I’ve had as a student-athlete at Virginia Tech have helped shape me into who I am today. I would have never had this without the support of the Hokie Club. Thank you!”

Richelle McGarva - Senior - Softball

“Thank you for all your support over the years. I have had an amazing experience as a student-athlete because of you! Go Hokies!”

Matt Blow - Senior - Baseball

Donor File

Name: Molly de Lima-Campos

Hokie Club Level: Gold

Hokie Club member since: 2009

Currently Resides: Oakton, Va.

What year did you graduate? 2003

Family: Husband - Bruno

Being a member of the Hokie Club and supporting Virginia Tech athletics is important to me and my family because …

We are big Hokie football fans. Without the support of the Hokie Club and its donors, our athletics may not progress as much as they have. The funds we raise help to build better facilities, which in turn helps with recruiting, thus helping our program. It all comes full circle.

Do you have a specific moment when you realized that you were a fan of Virginia Tech athletics and knew without a doubt that you were a Hokie?

I originally came to Virginia Tech with the aspiration to play Division 1 softball, so Virginia Tech athletics have always been with me. Knowing I was a Hokie came from the feeling I got as soon as I came onto campus for the first time before I even attended my first game. That’s what Virginia Tech does to you.

Do you have any game day or tailgating traditions or superstitions? If so, what are they?

Well, I always try to adorn myself in as much Hokie gear as possible. But my must haves are my Hokie wristbands (the original Team Hokie Orange and Maroon bands, We Are Virginia Tech and my newly purchased Beat Cancer bands), my Hokie shoes signed by Bud Foster and my Hokie belt.

When you drive into Blacksburg for a game, are there any “must do” things for you and your family?

When we have our big group game trip, we always start the weekend off with a nice trip to PKs. They’ve got some great wing bites, and of course, the pizza is pretty amazing. The remainder of the weekend consists of visits to Hokie House, Rivermill and, of course, the Tech Bookstore.

Since you first arrived at Virginia Tech, you have seen a lot of successful teams and wins? Do you have a favorite team/season or game that stands out the most?

My freshman year was 1999, the same year that Michael Vick started. I was never much of a college football fan before coming to Tech, but I was definitely lucky to become a fan when I did.

The game that stands out the most has to be the Georgia Tech game in 2004. My friends and I took a flight down that day, on a plane full of Hokies for the Thursday night game in Atlanta. The game was tight all night, and toward the end, we were down by a touchdown. The Georgia Tech fans who had been heckling us all night gave their final yelps and left the game early, figuring there would be no chance for us to make a comeback. But wouldn’t you know that our Hokies came back to score three touchdowns in six minutes, winning us the game. There were plenty of Hokies cheering, but not a Yellow Jacket in sight.

How did you become involved with the NOVA Hokie Club? Has being a rep been a positive experience for you; and why?

I joined the Hokie Club two years ago, taking over the rep position for my friend who had moved away. Since I’ve joined, it’s been fun and exciting to be involved in our fundraising events. Given how important Hokie football is to me and my husband, it’s great to help out as much as I can.

My all-time favorite Virginia Tech football player is Lee Suggs and my favorite memory of Lee Suggs is …

Rushing the field during the last game of 2000 and finding him to congratulate him on a great season. He had scored 28 touchdowns that season.

My all-time favorite Virginia Tech student-athlete from another sport is Brian Chase and my favorite memory of Brian Chase is …

Meeting him during a session on Midnight Madness back when they used to have that! Even though I didn’t follow Hokie basketball as much as I followed Hokie football, Brian was always someone great to watch when I did.

Interesting Hokie fact …

Virginia Tech is located off of Exit 118b on Interstate 81. Our in-state rival, the University of Virginia, is located off of Exit 118b on Interstate 64. Now how did that happen?

2011 Orange & Maroon Tour

The 2011 version of the Orange & Maroon Tour is here and the Hokie Club and Virginia Tech athletics are excited to be coming to an area near you. This year’s tour promises to be full of excitement as we are pleased to have our many of our athletic department’s prominent coaches and administrators in attendance. Scheduled to attend are Head Football Coach Frank Beamer, Head Men’s Basketball Coach Seth Greenberg, Head Women’s Basketball Coach Dennis Wolff, Athletics Director Jim Weaver, Assistant to the Head Coach and Senior Advisor Billy Hite, Offensive Coordinator and Tight Ends/ Offensive Tackles Coach Bryan Stinespring, Defensive Coordinator, Inside Linebackers Coach Bud Foster and Quarterbacks Coach Mike O’Cain. We hope you will come out and join us for an event and bring your Hokie friends with you.

In addition to good food, great speakers, and a fun time with fellow Hokies, special auction items will be available at most events.

For more information on the 2011 Orange & Maroon Tour, Visit

Virginia Events

April 19 – Lynchburg
Frank Beamer, Dennis Wolff

April 19 – Pulaski/Radford
Jim Weaver, Bud Foster

April 21 – Bluefield
Frank Beamer, Dennis Wolff

April 21 – SW Virginia
Jim Weaver, Billy Hite

April 26 – Fauquier
Frank Beamer

April 27 – Western Tidewater/Franklin
Frank Beamer, Dennis Wolff

April 27 – Staunton/Waynesboro/Harrisonburg
Jim Weaver, Bryan Stinespring

April 27 – Southside
Seth Greenberg, Bud Foster

April 28 – Tri Cities
Frank Beamer

April 28 – Martinsville/Danville
Jim Weaver, Dennis Wolff

May 3 – Peninsula
Jim Weaver, Dennis Wolff

May 11 – Fredericksburg
Seth Greenberg

May 23 – Northern Virginia
Seth Greenberg

Events outside Virginia

May 3 – Raleigh/Durham
Seth Greenberg, Mike O’Cain

May 4 – Triad
Jim Weaver, Dennis Wolff

May 4 – Outer Banks
Seth Greenberg, Bryan Stinespring

May 5 – Maryland
Seth Greenberg