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April 17, 2012

Hokie Club

By: Brian Thornburg

Winning Season in Sight

After beating Liberty on March 27, the Virginia Tech lacrosse team moved to 7-4 on the season, and the program is on the cusp of its third straight winning season - something that hasn’t happened since the 1997-99 seasons."

The Student-Athlete Experience

“I am graduating this year, and I couldn’t be happier to look back on the past four years. I have been so blessed to be a part of the Virginia Tech athletics community! I am sad to be leaving such a wonderful place, but I am so thankful for everyone who has made all of it possible for me.”

Ryan Rotanz | Senior, Lacrosse

“Being a part of Virginia Tech athletics has opened up so many doors for me. Without the support from donors, I would not have access to all the wonderful opportunities I have experienced.”

Brooke Martin | Junior, Lacrosse

The Donor File

Hokie Club Level: Golden Hokie Champions

Currently Resides:

Shootout Mountain, Bakersville, NC

What year did you graduate? Carol: Virginia Tech, 1979; Duane: Kansas, 1981

Family: Just the two of us, with dog, Abby

Orange and Maroon Tour Dates

April 16
Lynchburg | Weaver, Cavanaugh, Dresser

April 17
Martinsville & Danville/Pittsylvania Co. | Beamer, Dresser

April 18
Bluefield | Weaver, Hite

April 19
Peninsula | Beamer, Adair

April 23
SW Virginia | Beamer

April 24
Northern Virginia | Frank Beamer, Shane Beamer

April 25
Fauquier | Weaver, Dresser

April 25
Southside | Beamer

April 26
Triad (Greensboro, NC) | Beamer

April 26
Tri Cities | Greenberg, Dresser

May 1
Western Tidewater/Franklin | Greenberg, Hite

May 1
Charlotte | Weaver, Wolff

May 2
Staunton/Waynesboro/Harrisonburg | Greenberg, Cavanaugh

May 3
Maryland | Greenberg

May 9
Raleigh/Durham | Hite, Wolff

May 9
Fredericksburg | Weaver, Cavanaugh