Inside HOKIE SPORTS | Vol. 14 No. 5 | April 2022

28 Inside Hokie Sports Martin Knows WE’RE HERE FOR YOU As you think about future vacations and trips, travel with someone you trust. As your source for all things travel, Martin Travel is here for you before, during, and after your trip. ©2020 AAA Club Alliance Inc. 20_717265b C o n t a c t a M a r t i n T r a v e l A d v i s o r T o d a y Ma r t i nTr a v e l . c om / H o k i e s | 5 4 0 - 3 4 3 - 5 4 0 0 | I n f o@Ma r t i nTr a v e l . c om TR_IN_20_717265b_Martin Travel_Hokies Insert-7.5x4.8_DN3.indd 1 6/19/2020 9:51:28 AM Continued from page 27 WOMEN’S GOLF Mary-Katelyn Holanek (’17) was on the golf team as a graduate transfer in 2016-17, while earning a master’s degree in Information Technology. After graduation in December 2017, she started her career in the entertainment industry in Belmont, NC. Since November 2018 she has worked as an assistant to Kevin Jonas, Sr. of Jonas Group Entertainment. She is booking photo shoots, planning marketing tours, facilitating radio shows, and connecting with mixers for studio labels. Her job also involves partnership in the restaurant industry at Belmont’s charming Nellie’s Southern Kitchen. “It has been really great—it’s wonderful actually.“ Holanek attributes many skills to her time as a collegiate athlete, including time management in the fast-paced entertainment industry. Daily she manages preparing upcoming performances, returning phone calls, and conducting research such as trends in the radio for the benefit of her artists. “No days are given to you—you have to prove yourself every day.” She describes it as hard work but also rewarding. In a similar way to golf, you put in the effort and have fun with the results. Four years later, Holanek touts highly her university. “I just loved my time in Blacksburg.” Holanek reports it is common to run into fellow Hokies, especially in the Raleigh—Charlotte area. All who bear the maroon and orange during an encounter with MK are sure to be met with a hearty, “GO HOKIES!” . Contact Women’s Golf Director, Whitney Herr–17 (whits1@, for information about the Club and women’s golf activities, news, and events. SOFTBALL Softball Director, Whitney Davis Showalter – ’10 (whitd@ , caught up with Courtney Liddle Barbour (’13) and her replies are below. WDS: You left your name (Courtney Liddle -’13) written in several categories in the softball record books. How does that feel? CLB I set pretty lofty goals when I got to Blacksburg as a freshman, so it was rewarding to accomplish some great things with my teammates and now see a legacy of that in the record books. However, it’s even better seeing the current players set the bar continually higher for VTSB! I have loved seeing the way they represent Virginia Tech! WDS: What’s a lasting moment from your time as a student-athlete? CLB All of my best memories revolve around the great people in my life during my college years—teammates, friends in campus ministries, and my family. The most influential lasting moments, though, were witnessing the Virginia Tech community rally around our family during my mother’s fight against breast cancer. WDS: In one word, what does Virginia Tech mean to you? CLB HOME! WDS: Where has life taken you since Virginia Tech? CLB I played professionally for a few years, then coached athletes from every age—college to 12u! Now I’m focusing on being a great mom and wife to my husband, Lance Barbour –’12 (who played football at VT), and my two children, Kai (4) and Glori (1). We recently moved just outside of Charlotte, NC, and it’s awesome getting to finally spend time with my sister again! I teach high school English and still get to flex my athleticism every now and then by doing Crossfit. It’s been so fun to see my son join the workouts and find his love for sport! WDS: What are your plans for the future? CLB Lately, God has been guiding me to excel at the roles I’m in and “bloom where I’ve been planted.” I want to grow as a wife, mother, teacher, Christian, and even become a better athlete! Something I learned as a college-athlete was perfecting my craft. My craft(s) look different now, but I still feel that drive to perfect them! And of course, now that we live closer, I can’t wait to get back for a softball game in Blacksburg! GO HOKIES! WDS: If you had to give one piece of advice for current or future Hokies what would it be? CLB Use every moment of your collegiate years to grow! Grow as a student and as an athlete, but more importantly, grow as a person and cherish the people around you! The relationships should be the most beautiful part of the student-athlete experience!