Inside HOKIE SPORTS | Vol. 14 No. 5 | April 2022 29 Elizabet Danailova woMEN’S TENNIS Q: When you came to Virginia Tech from Bulgaria, what was the craziest thing that you had to get used to Blacksburg? ED The small countryside town feeling, since I grew up in a metropolitan city Q: What’s your favorite meal from the SAPC? ED Burrito bowls Q: Favorite study spot on campus? ED Lane 6th floor Q: What part of your game has developed the most in your time at Virginia Tech? ED Part of my mental game definitely has been developed – playing under a different type of pressure, having the team result to depend on me in crucial moments, and playing for something bigger than myself. Q: What has been your favorite moment from playing at Virginia Tech? ED So far, my favorite moment from playing at VT is clinching the deciding match against Clemson during ACC tournament in 2021. Q: Where’s the coolest place that playing tennis has taken you? ED Las Vegas Q: How would you describe the bond that you and your teammates have? ED Sometimes the girls call me grandma because I always try to take care and look after people (and because I’m the oldest too hahaha). But in general, we all have each other’s back even in times when you least expect. INSIDE THE HUDDLEFeaturing Elizabet Danailova and Ryan Okuda Okuda Danailova Ryan Okuda Baseball Q: What has been your most memorable experience in a Tech uniform? RO Starting the last game of the 2019 season (my sophomore year) against Virginia. I remember the energy at English Field and how badly I wanted to pitch well for the guys. Going through a 50-game schedule makes you really close with your teammates, so starting what was the last game ever for some of them was a really special honor. Q: In what ways have you grown as a pitcher since your freshman season? RO Honestly, in so many ways. I came into college as a scrawny, timid kid with no idea what to expect. I feel like I have grown a lot – physically, but especially in my confidence and my mental toughness. Q: What is your favorite place to eat in Blacksburg? RO That’s a tough one. If I had to choose, I would say Cafe Mekong. I have eaten there so much that they know my name. They serve great food and it’s usually not too busy. Q: You were the 2019 male recipient of the Virginia Tech Skelton Award for Academic Excellence in Athletics. What has been most rewarding about your academic pursuits at Tech? RO My personal growth. Mechanical engineering is a very difficult major, especially as a student-athlete, so knowing that I was able to get through it with the success that I have had has given me a lot of confidence leaving college. Q: What makes this 2022 Tech baseball team unique? RO We all enjoy coming to the field and getting better. This is an incredibly tight-knit group with a lot of selfless guys who are willing to do anything to help each other. Q: What is something Hokie Nation does not know about you? RO I am currently working on research in my graduate program on modeling the motion of floating offshore wind turbines. I think that it is very interesting work that will have a lot of impact on renewable energy development in the future.