Inside HOKIE SPORTS | Vol. 15 No. 2 | October 2022

12 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE Determine your desired giving level and/ or preferred seat location and give to the Hokie Scholarship Fund by the March 1, 2023, deadline. Place your season ticket and parking pass orders for football and/or men’s basketball by the March 1, 2023, deadline. Receive your seat and parking selection appointment via mail and/or email. Log on to the website at your assigned selection time and select your seats and parking location. If necessary, any additional balance will be due at the time of your selection based on the seats and parking location you choose. Receive your tickets/parking and cheer on your Hokies! 5 SIMPLE STEPS Your per-seat donation for football season tickets WHAT IS THE GREATEST OF THESE THREE DONATION AMOUNTS? YOUR DONATION TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR ALL DESIRED HOKIE SCHOLARSHIP FUND SEASON TICKET AND PARKING BENEFITS Your per-seat donation for BASKETball season tickets Your donation to be eligible to park in desired football parking zone ? = $ The Hokie Scholarship Fund is the annual giving platform of the Hokie Club that pays for the scholarships of Virginia Tech student-athletes. As a part of the Hokie Scholarship Fund program, Lane Stadium and Carilion Clinic Court at Cassell Coliseum have a per-seat minimum gift requirement that varies depending upon location. RENEWING IN 2023 For the 2023 football and basketball seasons, donors will have the first right of refusal to renew their same seats as long as they maintain the minimum gift requirement (prior to March 1, 2023). However, should a donor choose not to HOKIE SCHOLARSHIP FUND SEATING & PARKING make the annual per seat minimum gift required to renew those seats, they will be asked to re-select seat locations for the upcoming season. OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE SEAT LOCATIONS Donors have the opportunity to improve their seat locations via the Hokie Club priority point program during the Seat Improvement process. This will take place in late spring 2023 for both football and basketball. This option is available if a donor desires, but it is not mandatory as long as the per-seat gift minimums have been met for the seat locations you are renewing from the previous season. 1 2 3 4 5