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2 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE Dear Hokie Nation, Our fall sports seasons are already in full swing, and we could not be more encouraged from all of the support you have shown since we kicked off the 2022-2023 academic year. Our nearly 600 student-athletes are incredibly appreciative to have the best fan base in the country behind them with everything they do, whether that be in competition, in the classroom, or in the community. We are currently in the heat of the ACC slate for football, which is once again proving itself to be an incredibly talented conference. We are encouraged by the steps Coach Pry and his staff have taken to develop this group of student-athletes. They are the right group of leaders we want to have moving this program forward into the future of college football. As they move throughout the progression of leading our program back to national prominence, they are lucky to have the most passionate fan base behind them. Our Olympic sports continue to make strides as well. Coach Chugger Adair and his staff have excelled with a young group of student-athletes in the already challenging gauntlet of ACCWomen’s Soccer. Mike Brizendine and Virginia Tech Men’s Soccer have also made strides with one of the most difficult schedules in the country, and we are looking forward to seeing them make a push for a seventh straight trip to the NCAA Tournament. In Cassell, volleyball has seen exceptional improvement as well under the tutelage of Marci Byers. Finally, our student-athletes on the cross country trail are equipped to compete thanks to the incredible Dave Cianelli. We encourage you to come cheer on these teams when you make a trip to Blacksburg. As we gear up to the highly anticipated winter sports seasons, we want to remind our fans that Hokies are truly stronger together. We are not asking one person to do everything, but everyone to do something. In this 2023 Investment Guide, you will find a multitude of ways to help us on our mission to elevate Virginia Tech from a challenger to a champion brand in collegiate athletics. Hokie fans can find out more about the ways in which they can give, potential benefits, seating and parking information, and more in this edition of Inside Hokie Sports magazine. You all play a crucial role in the student-athlete experience, and this guide leads you to the best ways to make an impact. With your help, we’re moving in the right direction, and we need to continue to stay on this path. At the conclusion of the last Drive Year, Hokie Club membership ascended to over 29,000 for the first time in history. Our supporters also raised over $20 million in current-use annual fund philanthropic dollars, fulfilling the scholarship bill for our student-athletes in Blacksburg, while also supplementing programs’ operational budgets. It is imperative that Hokie Nation steps up to do that once again to ensure the best possible experience for nearly 600 studentathletes. We are building the most well rounded leaders in Blacksburg, not only in competition, but in the classroom and the community. It will be challenging, but our fans have risen to the occasion before, and we know they can continue to do so. Thank you for your dedication to our student-athletes. You are helping all of Virginia Tech Athletics Reach for Excellence! Go Hokies! Whit Babcock Director of Athletics A WORD FROM WHIT DOES MY GIFT MAKE AN IMPACT? Yes! As we continue to “Reach for Excellence,” your contribution, no matter the size, is the single best way to help us continue our positive momentum and impact the lives of Hokie student-athletes. HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER? Any gift to any fund for a Virginia Tech Athletics program makes you a Hokie Club member! However, to qualify for annual benefits, a priority ranking, and a membership level, a minimum gift of $25 to the Hokie Scholarship Fund is required. WHAT ISTHE ? The principal mission of the Hokie Club is to provide financial support for scholarships for Virginia Tech student-athletes. Other fundraising initiatives such as capital improvement, endowments and programmatic needs also fall under the responsibilities of the Hokie Club. These initiatives, along with scholarship fundraising, are a vital part of moving Virginia Tech athletes forward from a Challenger Brand to a Champion Brand. WHAT DOES MY INVESTMENT SUPPORT? Your philanthropic contributions to Virginia Tech Athletics go directly into enhancing the student-athlete experience in Blacksburg in areas such as scholarship and educational support, leadership development, student-athlete wellness, and other programmatic needs for our 22 varsity sports. Your investment in Virginia Tech Athletics is helping make lifelong memories for nearly 600 Hokie student-athletes. ARE MY DONATIONS TAX DEDUCTIBLE? We always encourage you to consult your tax advisor when making philanthropic gifts, however, as a general rule of thumb: Non-seat related contributions including gifts to capital projects, endowments, and Hokie Scholarship Fund gifts that exceed your minimum seat requirement are considered a charitable donation to a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization. Again, please consult a tax advisor on the deductibility of your gift(s) .


4 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE With the goal of simplifying the experience for Hokie Club donors and season ticket holders, the Hokie Club and Virginia Tech Athletics have announced the shift of the Hokie Scholarship Fund deadline from its recent date of March 31 to March 1, 2023. In an effort to streamline communication for all Hokies, March 1 will also be the final day to renew both football and men’s/women’s basketball season tickets for the 2023-24 athletics year. To incentivize early giving, Hokie Club donors who renew or exceed their Hokie Scholarship Fund giving amount from the previous drive year by December 21, 2022, will receive ten additional priority points. Five additional points will be awarded as well for all accounts who utilize one of the many payment plan options by December 21. Here are some additional details regarding the new deadline: • Season tickets for both the 2023 Virginia Tech football season and the 2023-2024 basketball seasons must be renewed HOKIE SCHOLARSHIP FUND ANNUAL GIVING DEADLINE SHIFTING TO MARCH 1Early giving deadline of December 21 created by March 1, 2023. Renewals for these sports will begin in the fall of 2022 and will include a simultaneous renewal for Football, Men’s Basketball, and Women’s Basketball. • All Hokie Scholarship Fund gifts for per-seat giving requirements, membership levels and priority ranking must be made by March 1, 2023. • For those currently on payment plans, additional communication will be provided to ensure the new deadline provides an opportunity to adjust your plan. • Recurring giving and payment plans for HokieClubmembership are a great way to spread out Hokie Club membership payments. • The annual seat improvement process and full reseating process that occurs every three years, for Lane Stadium and Cassell Coliseum will now take place simultaneously moving forward, beginning in the spring of 2023. Drive Year 2023 is NOT a full reseating year. Drive Year 2024 will be the next full reseating year.

THE COST OF EXCELLENCE IN-STATE Emma Lemley Tuition and Fees: $14,666 Room and Board: $16,136 COA Gap: $4,450 Books: $800 Total: $36,052 Out-of-State Hunter Cattoor Tuition and Fees: $34,920 Room and Board: $16,136 COA Gap: $4,682 Books: $800 Total: $56,538 The Hokie Scholarship Fund was designed to fulfill the growing expenses of student-athlete scholarships at Virginia Tech. Hokie Club members were able to raise over $20 million in annual fund dollars prior to the close of Drive Year 2022. Moving forward to 2023, this fundraising standard needs to be maintained for 256 in-state and 390 out-of-state student-athletes. 5

McCarter has certainly accomplished a great deal in her time in Blacksburg. She’s been a vital part of three NCAA Tournament teams at Virginia Tech while currently pursuing a fourth trip, grown exponentially as a leader, and is prepared for a life in the daunting field of geotechnical engineering. When she looks back on her years in Blacksburg, McCarter does not hesitate to reflect positively on the entire experience. “I came here to play soccer and get a first class education, and I’ve been given that opportunity and I’m so grateful for it,” McCarter said. “It’s every little girl’s dream to play at this level. I’m happy that I’m here, and that Tech chose me, and I chose Tech.” Scholarship Impact: Emmalee McCarter utilized every moment of the student-athlete experience afforded to her while in Blacksburg. Even as her final year playing at Thompson Field comes to a close, the opportunity to pursue an education at Virginia Tech will propel her for a successful career, long after she hangs her cleats up for the final time. “I just want to be known for showing up and working hard,” said McCarter, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering earlier this year. “I kind of fit more into leading by example, I’m not as vocal on the field as others may be. But, I try to show people that if they come into work every day, put everything they have into practice, it pays off.” McCarter’s impact on Virginia Tech Women’s Soccer as a fifth year senior is unmatched, even with her modest claim that she does not serve as a vocal leader. After unforeseen circumstances sidelined the team’s starting goalkeepers before a home match vs. Charlotte, McCarter volunteered to step into the net to serve in a position that she had not played since her days in youth soccer. Thanks to a heroic performance in net combined with a solid defensive showing by the Hokies’ backline, McCarter notched a clean sheet in Tech’s 3-0 victory against the 49ers. The adoration from her teammates led to a cinematic ending of carrying the native of Charleston, S.C. off of the field on their shoulders. “I give all the credit to everyone in front of me. I literally couldn’t have done it without them,” McCarter said, who made five saves in the victory. “It was a great experience and definitely a core memory I will never forget.” What is arguably more impressive than McCarter’s clean sheet as a reserve goalkeeper is her ability to balance the strenuous demands of her sport and her education. She is currently enrolled in a graduate program for geotechnical engineering, and she wishes to use her master’s degree as a consultant on infrastructural building projects by analyzing the soil they are constructed on. “I definitely say there’s been some long days that turned into very long nights,” McCarter remembered, who recently served as an Engineering Technician at the geotechnical engineering firm S&ME this summer. “But I always got my work done. There are some sacrifices. I mean, whether you’re dealing with soccer or school, you have to find time elsewhere to get the things you want accomplished.” Emmalee McCarter HOKIES senior capitalizes on the total student-athlete journey 6 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE 7 646 Student-Athletes (2022-2023) 678 All-Americans (All-Time) 19 OF 22 TEAMS Maintained a GPA of 3.0 or Higher in Spring 2022 228 STUDENT-ATHLETES Made Dean’s List in Spring 2022 Thanks to the efforts of Hokie Nation, our studentathletes have been able to Reach for Excellence behind the growth of the Hokie Scholarship Fund and donors contributing current-use annual dollars. TOTAL GROWTH Drive Year 2020*: 17,814 donors/ $32,240,880.99 Drive Year 2021*: 19,798 donors/ $23,906,913.78 Drive Year 2022*: 29,065 donors/ $35,247,232.92 HOKIE SCHOLARSHIP FUND Drive Year 2020: 10,932 donors/ $15,067,436.03 Drive Year 2021: 10,749 donors/ $15,106,984.72 Drive Year 2022: 22,036 donors/ $17,480,176.00 *A Drive Year is the span of time in which benefits such as parking and tickets are received. For example, a gift made after March 31, 2022 and prior to March 1, 2023 would count in Drive Year 2023, with benefits being received beginning in the fall 2023 athletics season. Drive Year numbers include only dollars received in that Drive Year and exclude commitments and pledges. **Only Hokie Club donors who make a minimum contribution of $25 to the Hokie Scholarship Fund count in these totals and receive a ranking. When you see your rank out of 22,036 members, you are only seeing your ranking of the 22,036 Hokie Scholarship Fund donors, not the higher total of 29,056 overall Hokie Club members. STRENGTH in NUMBERS

8 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE ONLINE Visit and make a gift, or just scan the QR on this page! PAYMENT PLANS You can meet your desired giving level to the Hokie Scholarship Fund before the early deadline of December 21 or the final membership benefits deadline of March 1 by setting up a payment plan. There are multiple ways to do this, including HokieMatic/electronic draft, monthly payment plans, and credit card recurring payments. Payroll deduction is also available exclusively for Virginia Tech employees. To set up a HokieMatic draft, credit card recurring payment, indefinite monthly payment plans, or payroll deduction, please call the Hokie Club at 1(800) VATECH4. If you would like to setup a payment plan that concludes at the end of the Drive Year on March 1, 2023, you can go to to set up your plan, or feel free to call the Hokie Club offices. Please note that any payment plans set up online will conclude on March 1, 2023, and will need to be reset again at the start of the new Drive Year. MAIL Mail in a Hokie Scholarship Fund renewal form along with your payment information, either by check or credit card. If paying by check, make payable to “VTAF”. Please include your Hokie Club account number on the memo line if you are a current donor and your current mailing address. Mailing Address: Virginia Tech Athletic Fund P.O. Box 10307 Blacksburg, VA 24062-0307 MATCHING GIFTS Increase your level of giving by matching your gift with charitable contributions from your employer. Please note, with recent tax law changes, your company’s matching gift program may no longer match gifts that allow for ticket benefits. Please consult with your employer for more information. GIFTS OF SECURITIES Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. are accepted and appreciated by the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund. These gifts typically involve publicly traded shares, such as those traded on the major exchanges and over the counter, as well as most mutual funds. Gifts of privately held stock, though more complex, are also possible. Supporting Virginia Tech with a gift of securities can provide significant tax benefits for the donor—bypassing capital gains taxes and providing a valuable income tax deduction—both of which effectively reduce the cost of making a gift. Contact the Virginia Tech Foundation at 540-231-2861 for more information. PLANNED OR REAL ESTATE GIFTS Gifts in the form of life income gifts (Charitable Remainder Trust, Charitable Gift Annuity), charitable lead trusts, and/or bequests are common ways to state your intentions of leaving a future gift to Virginia Tech Athletics while receiving substantial income, estate, and gift tax benefits now. METHODS OF GIVING MAKE A GIFT 9 ORTHO LIKE NO OTHER When Hokies need help with sports injuries, they turn to Carilion Clinic. Because when you need to get back in the game, you need the best in orthopaedic care. Our expert team is proud to provide specialized sports medicine treatment for Virginia Tech’s student-athletes. Carilion Clinic is the official health care provider for Virginia Tech athletics.

10 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE HOKIE SCHOLARSHIP FUND BENEFITS CHART(DRIVE YEAR 2023) Pride and satisfaction in helping to fund Student-Athlete Scholarships Name recognition in Lane Stadium Annual Membership Package Opportunity to purchase priority seating for football and men’s basketball Football Season Ticket Priority Ticket Limit in the next reseat in 2024† Subscription to Inside Hokie Sports Opportunity to purchase away game football tickets† Opportunity to purchase a parking pass for football† Football Parking Zone Eligibility Football Season Parking Pass Limit† Men’s Basketball Season Ticket Priority Ticket Limit in the next reseat† Opportunity to purchase postseason/neutral site tickets including ACC Championships Priority access for single game, away game, mini-plan, neutral site, and postseason tickets† Premier Hokie Club Gift Olympic Sport Event Invitation Exclusive Pregame Experience Enter Sandman Tunnel Experience Invitation to Annual Scholarship Dinner Exclusive Travel Opportunities Exclusive Hokie VIP Experience (baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, and football)† †Based upon availability and allocated based on priority points MAKE A GIFT 11 HOKIE AMBASSADOR HOKIE SCHOLAR HOKIE STONE ORANGE & MAROON GOBBLER HOKIE BRONZE SILVER GOLDEN PLATINUM DIAMOND $16,500- $30,842 One Semester Out-of-State Tuition & Fees $30,843- $50,894 Full In-State Scholarship $50,895+ Full Out-of-State Scholarship $5,500- $10,999 Room for full year $11,000- $16,499 In-State Tuition Books for one semester $25-$99 $100-$274 $275-$624 $625-$1,349 $1,350-$2,749 $2,750-$5,499 Books for full year One semesterCost of attendance Meal plan for full year 2 4 4 4 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 2 4 4 4 4 6 6 6 8 10 12 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ZONE A-2 ZONE A-3 ZONE A-4 C C C B B A A A A A A

12 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE Determine your desired giving level and/ or preferred seat location and give to the Hokie Scholarship Fund by the March 1, 2023, deadline. Place your season ticket and parking pass orders for football and/or men’s basketball by the March 1, 2023, deadline. Receive your seat and parking selection appointment via mail and/or email. Log on to the website at your assigned selection time and select your seats and parking location. If necessary, any additional balance will be due at the time of your selection based on the seats and parking location you choose. Receive your tickets/parking and cheer on your Hokies! 5 SIMPLE STEPS Your per-seat donation for football season tickets WHAT IS THE GREATEST OF THESE THREE DONATION AMOUNTS? YOUR DONATION TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR ALL DESIRED HOKIE SCHOLARSHIP FUND SEASON TICKET AND PARKING BENEFITS Your per-seat donation for BASKETball season tickets Your donation to be eligible to park in desired football parking zone ? = $ The Hokie Scholarship Fund is the annual giving platform of the Hokie Club that pays for the scholarships of Virginia Tech student-athletes. As a part of the Hokie Scholarship Fund program, Lane Stadium and Carilion Clinic Court at Cassell Coliseum have a per-seat minimum gift requirement that varies depending upon location. RENEWING IN 2023 For the 2023 football and basketball seasons, donors will have the first right of refusal to renew their same seats as long as they maintain the minimum gift requirement (prior to March 1, 2023). However, should a donor choose not to HOKIE SCHOLARSHIP FUND SEATING & PARKING make the annual per seat minimum gift required to renew those seats, they will be asked to re-select seat locations for the upcoming season. OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE SEAT LOCATIONS Donors have the opportunity to improve their seat locations via the Hokie Club priority point program during the Seat Improvement process. This will take place in late spring 2023 for both football and basketball. This option is available if a donor desires, but it is not mandatory as long as the per-seat gift minimums have been met for the seat locations you are renewing from the previous season. 1 2 3 4 5 13 PRIORITY POINT SYSTEM The Hokie Club Priority Point Program rewards both loyalty and generosity. Each donor’s priority point total determines their priority point ranking and plays a determining factor in how various benefits are allocated. In the Hokie Club Priority Points Program, points accumulate over the lifetime of a donor. 2 POINTS For every $100 cumulative giving to Virginia Tech Athletics 5 POINTS Per consecutive* years of giving to the Hokie Scholarship Fund 10 POINTS Any account that renews their giving amount from the previous drive year by the early deadline of December 21, 2022*** 1 POINT Per purchased season ticket with a maximum of 16 points accumulated per sport, per year** 3 POINTS Per consecutive* year(s) of purchasing season tickets 50 POINTS For being a former Virginia Tech letterwinner (one-time bonus) 5 POINTS Per year of membership in the Student Hokie Club 5 POINTS For any account that utilizes a payment plan to renew their giving amount from the previous drive year BY DECEMBER 21, 2022*** 1 POINT Per neutral site or postseason event ticket purchase** *The first points earned for consecutive years giving and tickets would be in a donor’s second year contributing or purchasing tickets. Donors will not have technically given or purchased in consecutive years until they have occurred in back-to-back years. **Includes football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball and baseball. ***The priority point bonuses awarded to Hokie Club members who renew their giving amount by December 21, 2022, are offers only available for Drive Year 2023. HOW TO EARN PRIORITY POINTS To view a calculator as an estimate for where and how you can earn points, please visit To view your priority point history visit and click on “Manage My Account.” From there log into your account. If you’re on mobile click “Priority Points,” if you’re on desktop click “Hokie Club Donor Central.” NOTE: Donor Central can currently only be accessed on desktop/laptop devices and is available for renewing accounts only. For example, any donor who had a Hokie Scholarship Fund gift of $25 or more for Drive Year 2022.

14 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE FOOTBALL SEATING Please reference the 2023 Hokie Scholarship Fund Benefits Chart to see the number of football season tickets a donor may purchase and/or select in priority locations. On this page, you’ll find the per seat giving map which delineates the minimum required per-seat gift to sit in a certain section within Lane Stadium. All required per seat giving amounts have remained the same as in 2022. Your required per seat gift is in addition to any season ticket costs. See the next page for 2023 season ticket pricing. HOKIE SCHOLARSHIP FUND Per Seat Map $800 Per Seat Minimum Gift $600 Per Seat Minimum Gift $350 Per Seat Minimum Gift $200 Per Seat Minimum Gift $100 Per Seat Minimum Gift $50 Per Seat Minimum Gift $25 Per Seat Minimum Gift Club Seats Students Unavailable Visiting Team HOKIE SCHOLARSHIP FUND Per eat Map ROW AAA ROW ZZZ ROW F ZONE CLUB (ROW H & ABOVE) TOUCHDOWN TERRACE ROW ZZ WEST OUTDOOR CLUB ROW 4J ROW AAA 15 FOOTBALL SEASON TICKET PRICES The 2023 football season will have a variety of season ticket prices ranging from $350-$450 per season ticket. These prices will remain the same as offered in the 2022 season. All season ticket locations will require a contribution to the Hokie Scholarship Fund in the form of a per-seat gift (see map on previous page). $450 $400 $375 $350 Club Seats 540 ZONE: $540 Includes two season tickets Available for purchase at a later date TICKET PRICE Map ROW AAA ROW ZZZ ROW ZZ WEST OUTDOOR CLUB ROW 4J ROW AAA ROW F ZONE CLUB (ROW H & ABOVE) TOUCHDOWN TERRACE

16 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE FOOTBALL PARKING Similar to seating, donors will have the first right of refusal to renew their same parking space(s) or lot assignment if their giving level is maintained or increased prior to March 1, 2023. Should a donor decrease their Hokie Scholarship Fund giving-level prior to any March 1 deadline that is not a full reseat, they will need to reselect parking for the upcoming season. There will be an opportunity to relocate parking locations during nonreseating years if a donor desires, but it is not mandatory. The next full reseating will take place before the 2024 season, and donors will need to select a membership level they are prepared to maintain for the next three giving cycles. Stanger St. Perry St. Perry St. Old Turner St. Duck Pond West Campus Dr. Duck Pond Dr. The Inn at Virginia Tech Prices Fork Rd. Alumni Mall College Ave. N. Main St. Otey St. Kent St. Washington St. Hahn Hurst Bball Practice Facility Cassell Coliseum Merryman Beamer Way Softball Rector Field House Miller-Johnson Outdoor Track Research Center Dr. Burrows/Burleson Tennis Complex English Field at Atlantic Union Bank Park Southgate Dr. Southgate Dr. Duck Pond Dr. Duck Pond Dr. Washington St. West Campus Dr. Grove Ln. The Grove Golf Course Smithfield Rd. Police CLOSED Public Roanoke St. Draper Rd. Public RV PUBLIC RV Public Thompson Field Hokie Village Drillfield 16 8 4 5 3 1 11 12 13A 14 19 18 9 7 2 STADIUM LANE 13 ZONE A PARKING Requires Minimum HSF Gift of $2,750 (Golden) ZONE B PARKING Requires Minimum HSF Gift of $625 (Bronze) ZONE C PARKING Requires Minimum HSF Gift of $25 (Gobbler) 17

18 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE MEN’S BASKETBALL SEATING HOKIE SCHOLARSHIP FUND Per Seat Map The minimum per seat Hokie Scholarship Fund annual gift requirements for scholarship seating at Carilion Clinic Court at Cassell Coliseum are noted in the Coliseum map key. Seating for season tickets in basketball will be based upon your Hokie Club Priority Points as of March 1, 2023, and making (at least) the minimum gift annually for your scholarship seat locations. RENEWING YOUR SAME SEATS IN 2023 Donors will have the first right of refusal to renew their same seats for the 2023-24 men’s basketball season, as long as they maintain the minimum gift requirement. However, should a donor choose not to make the annual per seat minimum gift required by March 1, 2023, to renew those seats, they will need to reselect seat locations for the upcoming season. OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE SEAT LOCATIONS Donors have the opportunity to improve their seat locations via the annual Seat Improvement process. This option is available, but is not mandatory, as long as the per seat gift minimums have been met for the seat locations being renewed. 8 6 10 12 14 4 15 5 16 18 17 2 1 3 9 7 11 13 FRONT LOBBY TICKET OFFICE Students Seating Media $25 PER-SEAT MINIMUM GIFT $150 PER-SEAT MINIMUM GIFT $350 PER-SEAT MINIMUM GIFT 19 MEN’S BASKETBALL SEASON TICKET PRICES Men’s Basketball will continue to offer a full season ticket package and an ACC-only season ticket package. Season ticket prices are subject to change but currently range from $220 to $600. Final prices will be provided via email in the summer of 2023. 8 6 10 12 14 4 15 5 16 18 17 2 1 3 9 7 11 13 FRONT LOBBY TICKET OFFICE Students Seating Media FULL SEASON: $250 ACC SEASON: $220 FULL SEASON: $450 ACC SEASON: $370 FULL SEASON: $600 ACC SEASON: $520 • Hokie Club donors who purchase both football and men’s basketball season tickets will only be required to make a single annual gift, with the higher of the two per-seat gifts or parking determining the amount. • Women’s basketball season tickets are available in both reserved and general admission areas. • Baseball season tickets are sold in the form of flex tickets. Flex tickets can be used in any combination through the season. (For example, an order of 10 flex tickets could be used all at one game, or over 2 games using 5 tickets at each game.) IMPORTANT NOTES FOR TICKETED SPORTS

20 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE BASKETBALL PARKING Washington St. Hahn Hurst Bball Practice Facility Merryman Beamer Way Softball Rector Field House Miller-Johnson Outdoor Track Research Center Dr. Burrows/Burleson Tennis Complex English Field at Atlantic Union Bank Park Southgate Dr. Southgate Dr. Duck Pond Dr. Duck Pond Dr. Washington St. West Campus Dr. Grove Ln. The Grove Smithfield Rd. Public RV 6.16.15 PUBLIC RV Thompson Field Hokie Village 8 4 1 Lane Stadium PUBLIC PUBLIC All men’s basketball season ticket holders will receive a parking pass in Lot 1, 4 or 8 for the season, and the pass will be assigned based on priority point rank as of March 1, 2023. Each of these lots are general admission, and lot assignments will go in order—Lot 1 first, Lot 4 second, Lot 8 last. All Women’s Basketball season ticket holders will receive a general admission Lot 1 parking pass. Please note, the purchase of a basketball parking pass grants you access to the lot, but does not guarantee a spot. 21 @PrestonsRestaurant @InnVirginiaTech 540.231.0120 | 901 Prices Fork Rd, Blacksburg, VA 24061 (inside The Inn at Virginia Tech) Reservations recommended. A delicious game-day tradition. BEFORE THE GAME OR AFTER, Preston’s Restaurant is a delicious place for a new game-day tradition. Start with our fresh breakfast. Order lunch or dinner from our mouth-watering menu of seasonal cuisine. Sip on hand-cra ed cocktails or a selection from our award-winning wine list. And don’t forget the Valley’s best brunch, every Sunday at Preston’s. Make Preston’s Restaurant your game-day tradition.

22 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE Premium seating at Virginia Tech is a great way to support Virginia Tech Athletics while sitting in the best seats that Lane Stadium, Carilion Clinic Court at Cassell Coliseum and English Field at Atlantic Union Bank Park have to offer. Premium seating contributions are in addition to any season ticket costs associated with seating options in the stands for football and men’s basketball. For Lane Stadium Premium Club seating, the entirety of a donor’s premium seating contribution for Lane Stadium, excluding suite payments, will be allocated to the Hokie Scholarship Fund, thus also counting towards the associated Hokie Scholarship Fund membership level. All Lane Stadium club areas were sold out for the 2022 season, but there could be premium seating options available for the 2023 season based on your Hokie Scholarship Fund Priority Point ranking. WEST SIDE OUTDOOR CLUB Located in the West Side Stands between the 35 yard lines, the West Side Outdoor Club provides the outdoor game experience, paired with additional indoor lounge benefits. All seats in this area feature comfortable chair backs with access to an indoor climate-controlled lounge (4th floor). The lounge area offers space to stand and watch the game, while also providing access to premium concession items, plus select complimentary concession items available through the end of the third quarter. Hokie Scholarship Fund per-seat gift minimum: $2,000 Season ticket cost: $450 TOTAL: $2,450 WEST SIDE INDOOR CLUB Located on the 6th floor of Lane Stadium (North and South towers), the West Side Indoor Club provide the opportunity to watch the game in a cushioned chair back seat, in a climate controlled space. In addition, this area features multiple PREMIUM SEATING 2 4 3 1 1 WEST INDOOR CLUB 2 WEST OUTDOOR CLUB 23 monitors throughout the space allowing fans the opportunity to follow live stats for the game at hand and also take in other games from around the country. Protected from the elements, this space also offers select complimentary concession items through the end of the third quarter. Hokie Scholarship Fund per-seat gift minimum: $2,000 Season ticket cost: $450 TOTAL: $2,450 SOUTH END ZONE CLUB Located in the upper portion of the 200s sections in the South End Zone, with one of the best views of HokieVision and Lane Stadium. Take in this view with comfortable chair back seats while also having access to a premium club lounge with exclusive food, beer and wine options. Hokie Scholarship Fund per-seat gift minimum: $750 Season ticket cost: $450 TOTAL: $1,200 2 1 3 ZONE CLUB 4 TOUCHDOWN TERRACE TOUCHDOWN TERRACE Located in the lower portion of the upper South End Zone, these seats offer a tremendous view of the action. With chairback seats and cup holders, fans in this area can also access the South End Zone club lounges, taking advantage of a climate controlled space with exclusive premium concession options. Hokie Scholarship Fund per-seat gift minimum: $500 Season ticket cost: $450 TOTAL: $950 If you would like to receive more information on purchasing premium, please contact Zane Gregory, Premium Sales Manager, at 540-231-0971 or via email at zgregory@hokies.

24 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE THE OFFICIAL KIDS’ CLUB OF VIRGINIA TECH ATHLETICS TO CHOOSE FROM Visit to join! ORANGE LEVEL: FREE MAROON LEVEL: $35 TWO PLANS LANE STADIUM SUITES: SOLD OUT This grand Hokie Football game-day experience boasts spectacular sightlines of the field and videoboard giving our guests the most heart pumping, exciting and impactful experience on game-day. Lane Stadium features 43 total suites which are located on the West Side and South End Zone of the stadium. Lane Stadium suites are sold out for the 2023 season. COURTSIDE AT CASSELL: SOLD OUT Basketball and wrestling Courtside at Cassell tables feature comfortable chairs and tablets at each table to keep up with the live stats. Currently all basketball and wrestling Courtside at Cassell tables are sold out for the 2023-24 season. BASEBALL TERRACE CLUB TABLES: SOLD OUT Hospitality tables at English Field at Atlantic Union Bank Park are located on the first baseline side. The table area features both low and high-top tables with four comfortable seats. As an amenity, table side service is provided each game for food and beverage orders. Currently, all Baseball Terrace Club tables are sold out for the 2023 season. BASEBALL SUITES: SOLD OUT This grandHokieBaseball game experienceboasts spectacular sightlines of the field and videoboard giving our guests a firstclass game day experience that is second to none in college baseball. English Field at Atlantic Union Bank Park features 4 luxury suites behind home plate. Currently, all Baseball suites are sold out for the 2023 season. For inquiries, or if you wish to be added to our waiting lists, please contact Jennifer Skaggs with the Hokie Club. 540-231-0484 | PREMIUM SEATING continued 25 1290 Roanoke Street , Christiansburg, VA 24073 • 540-382-7500 • Find us at G&H Appliance G&H bringing you the best sauce and rub vendors on the market! Get yours today!! I N S T O C K N O W ! ! STAY WHERE THE HOKIES STAY 540.985.5900 PLAN YOUR FALL GETAWAY TO VIRGINIA’S BLUE RIDGE AND ENJOY A CULINARY DESINATION WITH THE PINE ROOM & 1882 LOBBY BAR

26 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE STUDENT HOKIE CLUB Virginia Tech students who join the Student Hokie Club during their time in Blacksburg get a head start on their journey as a donor. Student Hokie Club members enjoy opportunities to engage in exclusive athletics experiences, special events, earn priority points, and play an instrumental role in the success of Virginia Tech Athletics. All students who have purchased season tickets for men’s basketball and football have a $25 gift included in their purchase, automatically making them a Student Hokie Club member. Know a student who isn’t a season ticket holder for football or men’s basketball? Encourage them to join! Learn more at RECENT GRAD PROGRAM The Recent Grad Program is the best way for recent Virginia Tech alums (within the last four years) to remain involved with Virginia Tech Athletics. All gifts from $25–$2,749 made to the Hokie Scholarship Fund, through the Recent Grad Program, will be matched in full. For example, a $100 gift will be matched $100, thus reflecting as a $200 gift. Contributions to the Recent Grad Program give you access to special ticket offers, exclusive events, and earn Priority Points for your Hokie Club ranking. Scan the QR to make your gift through the recent grad program! ADDITIONAL WAYS TO GET INVOLVED HOKIE REFERRAL PROGRAM The newly designed Hokie Referral Program gives Hokie Club members the opportunity to help spread the incredible stories of Virginia Tech student-athletes with their friends and family. Members who participate in the Hokie Referral Program will receive increased communication and tools to help share about how they can spread the word about Virginia Tech Athletics. Members can earn credit towards opportunities and exclusive VIP experiences. Learn more, or sign-up as a member today by visiting RECENT GRADS 27 WELCOME DIRECTOR BRIAN LUBIN Brian Lubin - ’90 (BS ME) joins the Club Board representing Swimming and Diving alumni. Brian was a distance freestyler from ’85- ’88 and outside of swimming participated and held various leadership positions in ASME and Beta Theta Pi social fraternity. Brian lives in Blacksburg with his wife Cindy (’90 BS ME) and their two Labrador retrievers. With an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill in ’96 and a 30-year career as an entrepreneur and business executive, he is in the process of ramping down into retirement. Outside of work, Brian enjoys swimming/socializing with a group of former college swimmers, going to VT football and basketball games, and traveling. Brian says: “I love Virginia Tech and Virginia athletics! I look forward to helping continue to build the network of Hokie swimmers and divers while connecting them to Virginia Tech and the great things happening with our swimming and diving program! Swimming and diving alums can reach me at” TRACK & FIELD – PRO HOKIES After widely successful collegiate careers with VT, track & field’s Pro Hokies have been at it again in 2022. As the World Athletics Championships came to the US for the first time ever, two VT alumni represented their countries at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. Neil Gourley ’18 competed for Great Britain in the 1500m after taking the silver medal in the event at the UK Athletics Championships. Gourley advanced past the first round of the event in Oregon with characteristically witty running, clinching a spot in the semifinals with a strong move on the inside rail. Gourley finished in sixth in his semifinal heat, narrowly missing out on a second consecutive 1500m final at a world championship, following his appearance in the finals at the 2022 World Indoor Championships. Joining Gourley in Eugene was Marek Barta–’18, who qualified for the world stage by winning his sixth national title in the discus throw for Czechia. Ranked No. 7 all-time among Czech athletes in the event with his personal best of 64.40 meters from 2021, the native of Havirov delivered a best of 62.90 meters in his qualification round to finish 13th overall at his world championships debut. Several other Pro Hokies have been excelling both in the US and abroad, as Vincent Ciattei–’18 won his first national title this spring. With a time of 4:03, Ciattei won the USATF Men’s 1 Mile Road Championships in Des Moines, Iowa. Ciattei rode the momentum of his American title to the USATF Outdoor Championships, where the distance runner placed 10th in the 1500m. Also, at the USATF Outdoor Championships, Pro Hokies Hanna Green–’17, Jordan –’16, Fitsum Seyoum–’21, and Deakin Volz –’19 competed among the nation’s top talent in their events. Green reached the semifinals of the 800m where she finished sixth in her heat, Seyoumposted a time of 8:35.84 in a stacked 3000msteeplechase field, while Roach and Volz battled in the discus and pole vault, respectively. Much more remains to come from VT Tech track & field’s Pro Hokies this summer, as professional races and competitions provide opportunities for the Hokie alumni to show their strength. SWIMMING & DIVING Congratulations to: Sara Smith–’09 for being selected to the VT Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2022; and Klaudia Nazieblo–’18 on her promotion to Assistant Coach of VT Swimming and Diving after joining the staff as a volunteer assistant in 2021. The Monogram Club recently caught up with Lucas Bureau–’16 for a Q&A session. Hailing from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Lucas swam for VT from 2012 to 2016 and graduated with a degree in History with a minor in Political Science in 2016. During his four years on the swimming and diving team he contributed to Virginia Tech’s first and only ACC Men’s Team title in 2014, was a four-time ACCChampionship medalist, was an All-American, broke several school records on relays, and competed in the 2016 and 2021 Olympic trials. Lucas is currently a full-time coach at H2Okie Aquatics, the club swim team in Blacksburg. While finishing up his undergraduate degree, Lucas worked part-time for H2Okie Aquatics which turned into a full-time position after graduation. Q: Describe your experiences as a student athlete. LB: As a student athlete at VT, you are surrounded by so many other amazing athletes and people who just do things the right way. For me, learning how to be a great student athlete was easy because that’s all I wanted. I always did the best I could because I saw being a student athlete as a full-time job, and I wanted to act like a true professional and have a great impact on my team and other people in the athletic department. Showing up early, sitting in the front row, being the hardest worker in the room, and never complaining or backing down from a challenge. Being a great student athlete was my top priority and if there was something distracting me from that, I would just cut that out of my life. I always hated the word sacrifice because to me if you ever said “I sacrifice so much to be a student athlete” then you shouldn’t be one. When you are truly doing what you love to do, you aren’t Sacrificing anything because that’s the only life that you know. That mentality and experience has helped me so much for the life I live today. Q: Who made the biggest impact on you as a student athlete? LB: Ned Skinner (VT head coach from ’98 to ’18) was so great to me. He was hard on me, pushed me to be better, and held me to the standard I wanted to be held at. He knew I wanted to great and had a perfect blend of pushing me but also being like a father to me and caring about me as a person first and a student athlete second. He always had my back, and I always had his and I think that’s why we still have a great relationship to this day. My teammates were also incredible. Especially the year we won ACC’s. Our culture was so healthy and motivating to be great and inspired all of us to reach our full potential. Q: How did your experience at VT prepare you for coaching? LB: Being around the sport of swimming and being involved with VT athletics has helped me tremendously with what I do today. My job is to push and inspire athletes to reach their full potential no matter their skill level. After doing that for 4 years at VT I know what I accomplished as an athlete has helped me tremendously as a coach. Q: Why do you coach? LB: To me, coaching is so rewarding. To see athletes experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and still refuse to give up or settle is what it’s all about to me. I want my athletes to be able to handle success and failure. My job is to create an environment of fun, success, and growth. And I love the challenge of trying to make that happen every day. Q: What’s next? LB: As an athlete, I’m training with the goal of making my 3rd Olympic trials that will happen in the summer of 2024. As a coach my goal stays the same. To push my athletes to reach their full potential as an athlete and for them to grow as a person in the upcoming season. Swim & Dive alumni – reach out to Brian Lubin at brian_lubin@ BASEBALL Joe Mantiply–’13 came to Blacksburg in 2009 after being drafted in the 48th round of the MLB Draft by the New York Mets as a leftContinued on page 28

28 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE handed pitcher out of Tunstall High School in Dry Fork, VA. Joe was drafted again after his junior season with the Hokies by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 28th round of the MLB Draft and once again opted to forgo signing a professional contract and returned to Blacksburg. After his senior season in 2013, he was drafted once again this time by the Detroit Tigers in the 27th round and signed a contract to begin his professional career. Joe made his big-league debut with the Tigers in 2016 and was named to his first major-league all-star team this season as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks! Chip Runyon–’02 (chip. was able to catch up with Joe recently to talk about his career and path to the major leagues as well as his time at VT; the Q&A follows! Q: You were a successful high school player being drafted in the 48th round by the New York Mets and signing with VT. How was it possible for a guy from Dry Fork, VA to get the exposure and notoriety to be put in a position to play baseball in the ACC and be drafted by a major league team? JM: I have to give a lot of credit to my parents for sacrificing a lot of time and money to take me all over the east coast playing in big tournaments like East Cobb and Jupiter. I think that’s where I got on professional teams’ radars. I think the coaches at Virginia Tech saw me pitch at the Commonwealth Games in Roanoke. Q: What made you ultimately choose to sign with the Hokies over other schools as well as a contract offer from the New York Mets? JM: I fell in love with Blacksburg the first time I ever visited there. I had been there a few times as a kid and grew up rooting for them. I loved the small town feel and it reminded me a lot of home. I also was all in on Coach Hughes, his staff, and what they had planned for the program. I was not ready for pro ball mentally or physically so going to school was definitely the right decision for me. Q: You came in and made an immediate impact in Blacksburg appearing in 22 games as a freshman for the Hokies…did that surprise you and what as the adjustment like from high school to major college baseball? JM: Yeah I would say I was a little surprised. It’s really tough to come into a division-one program and play as a true freshman. Everyone on the team was the best player in their area and the learning curve is definitely a big jump. I tried to embrace the challenge and earn my playing time. Q: You obviously have had a very successful professional career making it through the minor leagues in 3 years with the Tigers before returning to the big leagues with the NY Yankees and now as an all-star with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Professional baseball can be a grind as players try to move up through the ranks, what do you contribute to your success to be able to make it to the major leagues? JM: I just strive to get better every single day. I feel like I’ve always had that mentality going back to high school. Everyday there needs to be a plan and purpose for your work. I have always had a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities which I think stems from my preparation. There are very few things you can control in the game of baseball. Preparation and work ethic are necessities! Q: The VT Baseball program had a historic season last year, and the future looks bright in Blacksburg. Do you follow the program closely? What do you think the biggest change is from your time in Blacksburg and what do you think the future holds for the program? JM: I follow them the best I can! The social media staff does a great job of posting scores and updates. It was awesome to see the team have such a great year. I like what coach Szefc and his staff have going with recruiting and the facilities. The facilities are definitely the biggest change. The upgrades to the stadium definitely make it one of the nicest stadiums in the country. To me the sky is the limit for that program! Continued from page 27 WE’RE HERE FOR YOU ©2021 Martin Travel Agency, LLC 21_811751b C o n t a c t a M a r t i n T r a v e l A d v i s o r T o d a y Ma r t i nTr av e l . com | 540 - 343 - 5400 | I n f o@Ma r t i nTr av e l . com As you think about future vacations and trips, travel with someone you trust. As your source for all things travel, Martin Travel is here for you before, during, and after your trip. 29 99 Bradley Drive Christiansburg NRV Mall 540-381-8100 Full Service Restaurant Bar & Grill Game Day Catering. Dine in or Room Service Welcome Back HOKIES! Hokie Nation brings the noise like no other on gameday in Blacksburg. Whether they are shaking their keys on third down at Lane Stadium, blowing the roof off of Cassell Coliseum after a deep three-pointer, or rising in unison following a home run at English Field at Atlantic Union Bank Park, Tech fans make the venues in Blacksburg some of the toughest places to play in collegiate athletics. Want to lock in your place at Lane Stadium, Cassell Coliseum, or Atlantic Union Bank Park? Football season tickets are available for $350 to $450 for the 2023 season, while women’s basketball season tickets are still open for the 2022-2023 year from $80-$100. Men’s basketball season tickets for the 2022-2023 season are currently sold out, but single game options are still available. Baseball flex ticket options will be available for purchase in early 2023. Scan the QR below to secure your tickets to the best gameday atmospheres in the country! BECOMING A SEASON TICKET HOLDER GET TICKETS