Inside HOKIE SPORTS | Vol. 15 No. 2 | October 2022

McCarter has certainly accomplished a great deal in her time in Blacksburg. She’s been a vital part of three NCAA Tournament teams at Virginia Tech while currently pursuing a fourth trip, grown exponentially as a leader, and is prepared for a life in the daunting field of geotechnical engineering. When she looks back on her years in Blacksburg, McCarter does not hesitate to reflect positively on the entire experience. “I came here to play soccer and get a first class education, and I’ve been given that opportunity and I’m so grateful for it,” McCarter said. “It’s every little girl’s dream to play at this level. I’m happy that I’m here, and that Tech chose me, and I chose Tech.” Scholarship Impact: Emmalee McCarter utilized every moment of the student-athlete experience afforded to her while in Blacksburg. Even as her final year playing at Thompson Field comes to a close, the opportunity to pursue an education at Virginia Tech will propel her for a successful career, long after she hangs her cleats up for the final time. “I just want to be known for showing up and working hard,” said McCarter, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering earlier this year. “I kind of fit more into leading by example, I’m not as vocal on the field as others may be. But, I try to show people that if they come into work every day, put everything they have into practice, it pays off.” McCarter’s impact on Virginia Tech Women’s Soccer as a fifth year senior is unmatched, even with her modest claim that she does not serve as a vocal leader. After unforeseen circumstances sidelined the team’s starting goalkeepers before a home match vs. Charlotte, McCarter volunteered to step into the net to serve in a position that she had not played since her days in youth soccer. Thanks to a heroic performance in net combined with a solid defensive showing by the Hokies’ backline, McCarter notched a clean sheet in Tech’s 3-0 victory against the 49ers. The adoration from her teammates led to a cinematic ending of carrying the native of Charleston, S.C. off of the field on their shoulders. “I give all the credit to everyone in front of me. I literally couldn’t have done it without them,” McCarter said, who made five saves in the victory. “It was a great experience and definitely a core memory I will never forget.” What is arguably more impressive than McCarter’s clean sheet as a reserve goalkeeper is her ability to balance the strenuous demands of her sport and her education. She is currently enrolled in a graduate program for geotechnical engineering, and she wishes to use her master’s degree as a consultant on infrastructural building projects by analyzing the soil they are constructed on. “I definitely say there’s been some long days that turned into very long nights,” McCarter remembered, who recently served as an Engineering Technician at the geotechnical engineering firm S&ME this summer. “But I always got my work done. There are some sacrifices. I mean, whether you’re dealing with soccer or school, you have to find time elsewhere to get the things you want accomplished.” Emmalee McCarter HOKIES senior capitalizes on the total student-athlete journey 6 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE