Inside HOKIE SPORTS | Vol. 15 No. 2 | October 2022 7 646 Student-Athletes (2022-2023) 678 All-Americans (All-Time) 19 OF 22 TEAMS Maintained a GPA of 3.0 or Higher in Spring 2022 228 STUDENT-ATHLETES Made Dean’s List in Spring 2022 Thanks to the efforts of Hokie Nation, our studentathletes have been able to Reach for Excellence behind the growth of the Hokie Scholarship Fund and donors contributing current-use annual dollars. TOTAL GROWTH Drive Year 2020*: 17,814 donors/ $32,240,880.99 Drive Year 2021*: 19,798 donors/ $23,906,913.78 Drive Year 2022*: 29,065 donors/ $35,247,232.92 HOKIE SCHOLARSHIP FUND Drive Year 2020: 10,932 donors/ $15,067,436.03 Drive Year 2021: 10,749 donors/ $15,106,984.72 Drive Year 2022: 22,036 donors/ $17,480,176.00 *A Drive Year is the span of time in which benefits such as parking and tickets are received. For example, a gift made after March 31, 2022 and prior to March 1, 2023 would count in Drive Year 2023, with benefits being received beginning in the fall 2023 athletics season. Drive Year numbers include only dollars received in that Drive Year and exclude commitments and pledges. **Only Hokie Club donors who make a minimum contribution of $25 to the Hokie Scholarship Fund count in these totals and receive a ranking. When you see your rank out of 22,036 members, you are only seeing your ranking of the 22,036 Hokie Scholarship Fund donors, not the higher total of 29,056 overall Hokie Club members. STRENGTH in NUMBERS