Inside HOKIE SPORTS | Vol. 15 No. 2 | October 2022 19 MEN’S BASKETBALL SEASON TICKET PRICES Men’s Basketball will continue to offer a full season ticket package and an ACC-only season ticket package. Season ticket prices are subject to change but currently range from $220 to $600. Final prices will be provided via email in the summer of 2023. 8 6 10 12 14 4 15 5 16 18 17 2 1 3 9 7 11 13 FRONT LOBBY TICKET OFFICE Students Seating Media FULL SEASON: $250 ACC SEASON: $220 FULL SEASON: $450 ACC SEASON: $370 FULL SEASON: $600 ACC SEASON: $520 • Hokie Club donors who purchase both football and men’s basketball season tickets will only be required to make a single annual gift, with the higher of the two per-seat gifts or parking determining the amount. • Women’s basketball season tickets are available in both reserved and general admission areas. • Baseball season tickets are sold in the form of flex tickets. Flex tickets can be used in any combination through the season. (For example, an order of 10 flex tickets could be used all at one game, or over 2 games using 5 tickets at each game.) IMPORTANT NOTES FOR TICKETED SPORTS