Inside HOKIE SPORTS | Vol. 15 No. 2 | October 2022

16 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE FOOTBALL PARKING Similar to seating, donors will have the first right of refusal to renew their same parking space(s) or lot assignment if their giving level is maintained or increased prior to March 1, 2023. Should a donor decrease their Hokie Scholarship Fund giving-level prior to any March 1 deadline that is not a full reseat, they will need to reselect parking for the upcoming season. There will be an opportunity to relocate parking locations during nonreseating years if a donor desires, but it is not mandatory. The next full reseating will take place before the 2024 season, and donors will need to select a membership level they are prepared to maintain for the next three giving cycles. Stanger St. Perry St. Perry St. Old Turner St. Duck Pond West Campus Dr. Duck Pond Dr. The Inn at Virginia Tech Prices Fork Rd. Alumni Mall College Ave. N. Main St. Otey St. Kent St. Washington St. Hahn Hurst Bball Practice Facility Cassell Coliseum Merryman Beamer Way Softball Rector Field House Miller-Johnson Outdoor Track Research Center Dr. Burrows/Burleson Tennis Complex English Field at Atlantic Union Bank Park Southgate Dr. Southgate Dr. Duck Pond Dr. Duck Pond Dr. Washington St. West Campus Dr. Grove Ln. The Grove Golf Course Smithfield Rd. Police CLOSED Public Roanoke St. Draper Rd. Public RV PUBLIC RV Public Thompson Field Hokie Village Drillfield 16 8 4 5 3 1 11 12 13A 14 19 18 9 7 2 STADIUM LANE 13 ZONE A PARKING Requires Minimum HSF Gift of $2,750 (Golden) ZONE B PARKING Requires Minimum HSF Gift of $625 (Bronze) ZONE C PARKING Requires Minimum HSF Gift of $25 (Gobbler)