Inside HOKIE SPORTS | Vol. 15 No. 2 | October 2022

22 2023 INVESTMENT GUIDE Premium seating at Virginia Tech is a great way to support Virginia Tech Athletics while sitting in the best seats that Lane Stadium, Carilion Clinic Court at Cassell Coliseum and English Field at Atlantic Union Bank Park have to offer. Premium seating contributions are in addition to any season ticket costs associated with seating options in the stands for football and men’s basketball. For Lane Stadium Premium Club seating, the entirety of a donor’s premium seating contribution for Lane Stadium, excluding suite payments, will be allocated to the Hokie Scholarship Fund, thus also counting towards the associated Hokie Scholarship Fund membership level. All Lane Stadium club areas were sold out for the 2022 season, but there could be premium seating options available for the 2023 season based on your Hokie Scholarship Fund Priority Point ranking. WEST SIDE OUTDOOR CLUB Located in the West Side Stands between the 35 yard lines, the West Side Outdoor Club provides the outdoor game experience, paired with additional indoor lounge benefits. All seats in this area feature comfortable chair backs with access to an indoor climate-controlled lounge (4th floor). The lounge area offers space to stand and watch the game, while also providing access to premium concession items, plus select complimentary concession items available through the end of the third quarter. Hokie Scholarship Fund per-seat gift minimum: $2,000 Season ticket cost: $450 TOTAL: $2,450 WEST SIDE INDOOR CLUB Located on the 6th floor of Lane Stadium (North and South towers), the West Side Indoor Club provide the opportunity to watch the game in a cushioned chair back seat, in a climate controlled space. In addition, this area features multiple PREMIUM SEATING 2 4 3 1 1 WEST INDOOR CLUB 2 WEST OUTDOOR CLUB