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1. PROUD OF HER PEOPLE - Despite being 6,000 miles away, Tech tennis player Yasmin Hamza felt pride at the revolution that ended an oppressive regime in her native Egypt

Tennis (W) :: Women's Tennis Spotlight :: Jimmy Robertson :: Vol. 3 Iss. 9

Yasmin Hamza is not an American – in fact, she’s an Egyptian – but she certainly resembles any other normal American college student. She carries around a Blackberry and is an incessant texter. She loves to randomly surf the Inte…

2. Game, set, match - Inga Beermann recently concluded an impressive tennis career at Virginia Tech

Tennis (W) :: Women's Tennis Spotlight :: Matt Kovatch :: Vol. 1 Iss. 10

Inga BeermannWhen Inga Beermann went up on stage to accept her strength and conditioning athlete of the year award at the Virginia Tech All-Sports Banquet on May 4, she spontaneously and jokingly flexed her biceps as she posed for the ph…