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January 9, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

By: Matt Kovatch

My New Year’s Resolution is …

To have my best year ever academically and baseball-wise. Also, to win the ACC Championship.
- Rhett Ballard, Baseball

To learn how to dance.
- Martha Blakely, Women’s Tennis

To become an athlete who puts her heart into every race. I am no longer on the high school stage of sports, and I must prove myself to be worthy to be on an ACC team. Track and field must become what I breathe, and to do that, I have to dedicate my thoughts to the reason that I'm here. I must realize that track is no longer my hobby; it's a lifestyle.
- Aunye Boone, Track & Field

To win the ACC.
- Kyle Cichy, Baseball

To spend every possible day in the "Iron Palace" working on my traps.
- Richard Graham, Football

To stop letting Facebook interfere with my homework.
- Hasheem Halim, Track & Field

To break four minutes in the mile.
- Eddie Judge, Cross Country and Track & Field

To not sweat the small stuff, and to try to incorporate less negativity in my life and people around me!
-Joanna Kiser, Lacrosse

To train for and run my first marathon after I graduate.
- Natalie Kretzer, Cross Country and Track & Field

To grow a sweet face and neck beard and to learn better pacing so that I can run a smarter and more effective race.
- Matt Kroetch, Cross Country and Track & Field

To learn to make all of my mom’s recipes.
- Michelle Lang, Volleyball

To compete in a triathlon!
- Mauri Liberati, Women’s Soccer

To increase my work ethic in academics and athletics. I want to become better.
- Daniel Martin, Swimming & Diving

To learn how to throw a boomerang.
- Erin Ota, Softball

To learn how to make it in the real world and to complete a triathlon.
- Ashley Owens, Women’s Soccer

To go to all of my classes (haha)!
Taylor Parrish, Volleyball

To be a better student-athlete in class and on the field, and to stop dipping.
-Sergio Render, Football

To become a better person in every aspect of my life.
- Dyrell Roberts, Football

To start buying lottery tickets at a luckier store, to save electricity by taking less showers and using more deodorant, and to "check for paper" after I use the restroom.
- Matt Rosen, Wrestling

To work on the little things that will make me a better person and athlete.
- Jacob Sykes, Football

To cut down on the unhealthy foods I eat to help me perform better on the track.
- Nicholas Vaughn, Track & Field

To win another ACC title!!!
- Amber Walker, Softball

To become a more dependable and responsible person. I want people to be able to count on me for whatever they need. I want to be dependable in the coaches’ eyes so I will be trusted with my defensive responsibilities on the football field. I also want to become responsible enough to balance my schoolwork hours and my leisure time.
- Lorenzo Williams, Football

To keep myself athletically fit and in shape.
- Jessica Woody, Volleyball