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May 8, 2014

Hokie Club News

By: Terry Bolt


The Virginia Tech softball team was fired up before its doubleheader against in-state rival Virginia and then celebrated afterward, knocking off the Cavaliers by scores of 8-2 and 6-0. The Hokies completed the sweep the next day and went on to win their final eight home games of the season to finish with a 16-5 mark at home.

The Student-Athlete Experience

“Thank you for making Hokie Nation a special home. I am blessed to be a Hokie.”

-Kylie McGoldrick | Junior, Softball

“Thank you for all the support. I really appreciate all the help.It makes being a Hokie that much better.”

-Maggie Tyler | Sophomore, Softball

The Donor File

Eric, Dorothy & Jessica Long

Hokie Club Level: Hokie Benefactor

Currently Resides: Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Hokie Club Member Since: 1995

What year did you graduate? Eric (B.A., 1980; M.A., 1982); Dorothy (B.A., 1979; M.S., 1984)

Family: Jessica (daughter; B.S. in 2009)


Q: The Hokie Nation is real …

A: When you meet anyone from Virginia Tech, there is a special bond and pride that is not as readily evident with other colleges and universities.

Q: What is your best memory of Virginia Tech athletics?

A: Sharing time tailgating and viewing football games with our daughter and her friends while she was a student.

Q: What caused you to be a fan of Virginia Tech athletics?

A: The success our teams have achieved on and off the field of play and the respect our university has garnered because of its outstanding academic standing.

Q: Do you have any tailgating traditions, and if so, what are they?

A: Having a huge tailgate every home football game for friends and students, past and present.

Q: What motivates you to give back to Virginia Tech athletics?

A: Providing financial assistance has the potential to help create better results on and off the field for our student-athletes. That, in turn, can engender a higher degree of pride and respect for our university.

Q: What are your favorite Virginia Tech sports?

A: Football and swimming (Eric was a swimmer).

Q: Who are your all-time Virginia Tech players?

A: Brandon Frye and Bruce Taylor. Both are Myrtle Beach High School graduates and wonderful young men.

Hokie Referrals

A great way to help the Hokie Club grow!

To help the Hokie Club grow, existing Hokie Club members will receive priority points for referring new members to join the Hokie Club. To receive priority points, existing member must report referrals to the Hokie Club.

Formula for Accumulating Points:

Number of Referrals Priority Points per Referral Total Points Awarded Equivalent Donor Value
1 member 3 points 3 points $100
2 members 3 + 4 7 points $300
3 members 3 + 4 + 5 12 points $550
4 members 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 18 points $850
5 members 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 25 points $1150

-There is no limit to the number of referrals a Hokie Club member can submit.
-Referrals must be submitted by December 31st to be awarded for that calendar year.
-Referral points will be awarded manually and will be reflected on your year-end points sheet.
-Referral points are not continuous and are awarded for the calendar year they were received only.
-Referrals will be checked for accuracy and priority points will only be awarded for verified referrals.
-Only one active Hokie Club member will receive credit for referring a new Hokie Club member.

To submit a referral: Visit to submit a Hokie Referrals Reporting form