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January 11, 2013

Donor File

By: Brian Thornburg

Name: Jason Tanner

Hokie Level: Golden Hokie

Hokie Club Member Since: 2000

What year did you graduate: 1996

Family: Wife - Jessica, Sons - Caden & Easton, Daughter - Delaney

Q: Being a member of the Hokie Club & supporting Virginia Tech athletics is important to me and my family because …

A: It’s a part of who we are. I get to spend Saturdays in the stands with my boys, watch my little girl sing the Hokie Pokie and bounce with over 67,000 friends. Win or lose, I am in the stands until the last minute ticks off the clock. We have to get milkshakes at the basketball games, and in our house, a load of laundry always has a Hokie shirt in it.

Q: Do you have a specific moment when you realized that you were a fan of Virginia Tech athletics and knew without a doubt that you were a Hokie?

A: When I was about 10 years old, my neighbors – Johnny & Jackie Arthur, lifelong Hokie Club Members and Tech fans – took me and my brother to our first Virginia Tech football game. We loaded up in their custom maroon van and headed up to Blacksburg. I remember trying to catch the field-goal attempts and all of the excitement of the day. That was the start and now I love sharing the excitement of game day with my family and friends.

Q: Do you have any game day or tailgating traditions?

A: No real “traditions,” but there is no better way to spend a beautiful fall Saturday than in Blacksburg with family and friends.

Q: You are involved with the Lynchburg Hokie Club as a Hokie Rep. How & why did you get involved and has it been a good experience for you?

A: I got involved with the Lynchburg Hokie Club as a rep to be more active with supporting Tech in my local community. I enjoy spending time with other Hokies, making friends and generating support for Tech. Being a Hokie Club Rep has been a great experience. As Virginia Tech expands its athletics facilities, it has been rewarding to be part of supporting that growth.

Q: Virginia Tech has had a lot of successful teams and wins over the years. Do you have a favorite team/season or game that stands out the most?

A: The 2009 Miami game. The players gave everything they had during the game while the rain poured down in the freezing cold against a ranked Miami team. With not an empty seat in the stadium, the electricity of the Hokie Nation embodied why Tech is important to me – great friends, memories and school pride.

Q: My all-time favorite Tech football player is …

A: Bryan Randall (former Tech quarterback). Watching his leadership during his senior season in 2004 really demonstrated the work ethic that I think Tech football is built upon.