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“I’m thankful for all of the donors who were able to make

this project happen, and I am looking forward to using the

Student-Athlete Performance Center. Nutrition is a big part

of being an athlete and is one of the tools we use to be our

best. Having this facility directly connected to Cassell is also

a plus, especially for the members of the basketball teams.”

Kendyl Brooks

Sophomore • Harrisonburg, Virginia

“With wrestling, you need to manage your weight 365 days a year. The

nutrition staff here at Virginia Tech helps us and provides the information and

resources that help us feel our best during our matches. The new Student-

Athlete Performance Center will be a game-changer for us, [in terms of]

nutrition and recruiting. Everyone at this level wants to be the best and any

help is appreciated, so thank you to the donors that are making this possible.”

David McFadden

Redshirt Sophomore • West Milford, New Jersey


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