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August 13, 2013

From the Hokie Club

By: Brian Thornburg


This past June, a group of nine Tech student-athletes spent part of a summer school course on leadership in the Dominican Republic, running sports camps for children while also learning about many different aspects of the local culture.

The Student-Athlete Experience

“The trip this summer to the Dominican Republic was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I grew as a global leader, built relationships, learned about the Dominican culture, and I was fortunate enough to make a difference in the lives of many children that I will forever cherish.”

-Shannon Mayrose | r-Junior, Women's Soccer

“The opportunity given to me to travel to the Dominican Republic was an unforgettable experience in many ways - from the ability to jump into the culture, to the joy found on the children’s faces, to the relationships I formed with fellow students and Dominican people.”

-Ashley Manning | Senior, Women's Soccer

“This experience is one that I will remember forever. I was inspired every day by my peers and the 60 campers that came and left camp with smiles on their faces. I have never been surrounded by so much happiness, love and hope!”

-Kelly Conheeney | r-Senior, Women's Soccer

The Donor File

Jamie & Kim Reid

Hokie Club Level: Golden Hokie

Hokie Club member since: 2004

Currently Resides: Gainsville, VA

What year did you graduate? Jamie in 1992 and Kim in 1995

Family: Daughters- Makenzie & Katelyn, Son- Jamie


Q: Being a member of the Hokie Club and supporting Virginia Tech athletics is important to me and my family because…

A: Our experiences at Virginia Tech are a large part of who we are, so we love the opportunity to help the university. And of course, we also really enjoy spending time with other Hokies who love Virginia Tech as much as we do!

Q: You are involved with the Northern Virginia Hokie Club as a Hokie Rep. What was it that caused you to volunteer your time to get involved with the Hokie Club as a Hokie Rep?

A: We wanted to be more involved with Hokie athletics and becoming a Hokie Rep allows us to help plan really great events for the local Hokie alumni. Helping to coordinate annual events and Q&A sessions with Coach Beamer [Frank and Shane], Coach Foster, Coach Cav [Cavanaugh], as well as coaches from other sports [men and women’s basketball], is a great way to bring the excitement of Blacksburg to a local venue for other alumni to attend. Everyone sees the coaches on the field and reads about them in the news, but I think these events are great opportunities to learn more about them and the program.

Q: Do you have a specific moment when you realized that you were a fan of Virginia Tech athletics and knew without a doubt that you were a Hokie?

A: For both of us, the day we arrived on campus as freshmen, we knew that we’d be Hokies for life! There’s nothing like Virginia Tech and being a part of Hokie Nation, certainly every time we hear “Enter Sandman!”

Q: Do you have any game day or tailgating traditions or superstitions? If so, what are they?

A: Game day schedules tend to vary depending on whether the kids join us or whom we’re planning to attend the game with. But no matter what, we’re always in our seats for “Enter Sandman.”

Q: When you head into town for a game, are there any “must do” things for you and your family?

A: We absolutely have to eat at Mike’s Grill when we are in town, sometimes more than once. We also have to drive around the Drill Field and soak it all in. There is nothing else like being in Blacksburg on a football weekend!

Q: My all-time favorite Virginia Tech football player is (player’s name) and my favorite memory of (player’s name) is …

A: For Kim, there’s no question it is Macho Harris! We had the chance to meet him on a few occasions, and while he is impressive on the field, he is also an incredible person. Great role model and our kids always enjoyed meeting him. Really can’t say enough positives about Macho! Jamie’s favorite player is harder to nail down and likely not enough space to even list them all.

The Hokie Club announces the Hokie Referrals and Recent Graduate programs

The Virginia Tech Athletic Fund (Hokie Club) is proud to announce the creation of two programs focused on growth of membership, the Hokie Referrals and Recent Graduate programs.

“We are focused on growth, and these programs allow us a wonderful opportunity to engage and encourage our Hokie Club membership to join us in this vision. This provides us an opportunity to connect with a very important group of Hokies,” explained Lu Merritt, senior director of development for intercollegiate athletics. “We want our existing members to take an active role in referring new members, and we are excited to provide a discounted membership opportunity to recent Virginia Tech graduates.”

Hokie Referrals

The Hokie Club is pleased to announce the Hokie Referrals program to tackle the issue of growth head on. According to Brian Thornburg, associate director of development, with the launch of this rewards program, existing Hokie Club members will have an opportunity to earn points toward their Hokie Club membership rank as they refer new members to join the Hokie Club.

“We feel that the Hokie Referrals program will be beneficial to our entire membership,” Thornburg said. “Two great things are accomplished with Hokie Referrals. Existing members can earn points toward their membership and the Hokie Club’s membership will grow in the process.”

The Hokie Referrals program will require existing Hokie Club members to talk to potential members about the importance of joining the Hokie Club. Once these people join the Hokie Club, we will ask the existing members to report new referrals to the Hokie Club either online by visiting the Hokie Referrals page on, or by mailing or e-mailing a referral form to the Hokie Club office. The rewards program has a built-in growing points incentive component, as each verified member who joins within a calendar year will earn the Hokie Club member an increased number of points towards his or her membership.

Recent Graduate Program

The Recent Graduate program will offer recent Virginia Tech graduates an opportunity to join the Hokie Club at a discounted rate. If a Virginia Tech graduate joins the Hokie Club within the first two years of graduation, whether he or she is graduating with an undergraduate degree or an advanced degree, the graduate can join the Recent Graduate program and will receive a two year membership for the price of one year, which is a 50 percent discount.

At a time when an undergraduate student is transitioning from college life and going to football and basketball games as a student, the Hokie Club wants to create an entry point that is attractive to recent graduates.

“We want our graduates to stay connected to Virginia Tech athletics, and we want them to build on their wonderful time as a Hokie. By joining the Recent Graduate program, these graduates can ease their way into a Hokie Club membership,” Thornburg said.

Information for both the Hokie Referrals and Recent Graduate programs are now available for Hokie Club members and recent graduates of Virginia Tech on the Hokie Club’s official website,